Yo WhatsApp APK Download v18.4 Latest Version 2022 Anti-Ban

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Yo Whatsapp Apk Download And Install

YoWhatsApp – an interesting mod version of WhatsApp with tons of features. Using this developed software you can get access to so many hidden features. But unfortunately, this Whatsapp isn’t quite available like the official one. So what to do? No worries, because I am here to show you how to download and install  Yo WhatsApp Apk.

What is Yo WhatsApp APK?

Yo WhatsApp is a modified version of Normal WhatsApp that perfectly satisfies the users by providing many more benefits and some interesting privacy features. With a size of 35.36 MB, this app has taken communication to a more outstanding level like WhatsApp. On the contrary, it offers many features that are more than just normal WhatsApp

Features of Highlight WhatsApp APK

Unique items

WhatsApp has several features that are not present in normal communication apps. For example, if you want, you can send messages to an unsaved number.

Language Variety

Yo WhatsApp has more than 100 languages. As a result, one can communicate with others in any area by shifting the language.

Emoji variant

There are a lot of funny emojis here that will give a lot of pleasure to the user.


It was originally created by a third-party developer. Play Store does not provide this app. That’s why a lot of privacy policies are provided here. Besides, you don’t have to read about the privacy of the user in any unwanted environment.

App locking facility

If the user wants, this app can provide a lock system, finger lock, face lock from the app.

Media Sharing

It has a higher image resolution than normal WhatsApp. In addition, a message can share more than 700 MB. You can share this media with more than 250 people in a group.

Cool facilities

These will also help you by providing anonymous message checking, blocking system, etc. including font change, color mode, background change.

The Requirement to install YoWhatsApp APK

Like every Normal application, Yo WhatsApp Apk also has some requirements. Here I am showing them.

  1. You must have to use an Android device.
  2. You have to uninstall the official WhatsApp APK.
  3. Your android version must be 4.0 or above.
  4. You need 36 MB of free space on your device but for better experience must keep 2-4 GB of space free on your device.
  5. And above all, you need a stable internet connection.

HeyMods YO WhatsApp APK Download

Now I am going to explain the way to download Heymods Yo WhatsApp’s latest version.

Downloading Process  YoWhatsapp Apk

Step 1: Downloading the yo WhatsApp is quite simple especially when you are following my guide because here I have already added the download button.

Just click on the download button and wait till it is over.

NB: If there is any permission required, allow it and click the save button.

How to Installation Process Yo Whatsapp Apk

Step 1: You can operate both WhatsApp and YoWhatsapp at a time in your android. So, to do so you have to uninstall WhatsApp first.

Make sure to back up your files if there is an important one and you need to use it again. If you are not currently using WhatsApp then skip this step.

Step 2: As YoWhatsApp isn’t available in PlayStore you have to install it manually. So, your device must notify you of any unexpected case and it won’t be installed. So first go to settings>Security>Install unknown app>The browser you are using and then enable from this source.

Step 3: Now again go back to your browser and click on the YoWhatsApp icon from the download. Now click on Install and wait till the installation is done. When it will over-click open or simply click the YoWhatsApp APK from your menu.

Congratulations! YoWhatsApp is on your device now. Now just set your number to verify your account and start using it by setting your profile picture, status, and other security features.

Hey Mods yo WhatsApp latest version new features

Hey mods yo WhatsApp is the latest version of Yo Whatsapp which comes with many new features.
Let’s check it out.

  • It provides animated and interesting emojis.
  • Here is the chat head facility like Facebook Messenger
  • By using this version, one can know the location if one wants. Besides, there is also the benefit of Hidden Chat
  • Dynamic themes and backgrounds are available here.
  • Up to 8 people can join a video call in Heymods version and use animated stickers there.
  • Speed has been doubled from the previous version and almost 1000+ media sharing facilities have been introduced.
  • Enhancing 100m pixel images and enhancing privacy.
  • In the Heymods version, you will find Chat Translator which is absent in the previous version.
  • YO WhatsApp’s latest version also includes various new features including last scene hide, profile zoom, different emoji, bubble style, etc.
  • Even more than 5 minutes of status feature, blue ticks show, name logo, etc. also have been brought in the new version.

Gb WhatsApp APK VS YOWhatsApp APK Explained

Get the Main differences between YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsapp here.

Yowhatsapp ApkGBWhatsApp Apk
File size 35.36 MBFile size 43.3 MB
Available from Android version 4.0Available from Android 4.3
You can share Maximum File size of 700 MBYou can share Maximum video of 50MB and audio of 100 MB
No DND features availableAvailable DND features
Yowhatsapp supports white navigation from Android 8.0Doesn’t support whiye navigation.
Mod version of official WhatsApp Mod version of official WhatsApp but slightly different in features compared to YoWhatsApp

How to update Yo WhatsApp APK to the latest version 2022?

Yo Whatsapp is developed by a third-party developer with its unique features So you need to update to get the best version Below is how to update.

Step 1: Users must download the app from our website because we have added the latest version.

Step 2: You have to turn on anonymous sources for privacy. (If required)

Step 3: Uninstall the remaining YoWhatsApp from your device.

Step 4: Download this app again and install it. Now you are using the most updated version. Sometimes you don’t need to uninstall it. When you want to install the updated version it will automatically be replaced. But all devices may not be compatible with this feature.

NB: There are rumors, YoWhatsApp has announced not to bring another update. However, it’s not a strong rumor. Even if they have announced, there can appear any update anytime.

Yo Whatsapp Apk Download Latest Version

I have already added the latest version of yo WhatsApp APK to our site. So if you’re using our site to download you must get the latest YoWhatsapp update. Fortunately, the latest Yo Whatsapp is smoother with fewer bugs. So it’s better to use the latest version.

FAQ? Yo WhatsApp App

Yo WhatsApp has both hidden Chat and recovery features that help the user in many ways. Now check here how to unhide chats in Yo ApK.

  1. First, you have to open WhatsApp and go to the chat tab.
  2. After finding the Chat tab option, scroll until the Archived Chat option appears.
  3. In the archive section, you have to select the chat that you want to recover.
  4. You will then see a button marked at the top. You have to click it. In this way, the hidden chat can be found back.

In many cases, we want to mute updates or statuses. It's very easy to do on YoWhatsApp.

  • First, go to WhatsApp and find the Hide button and you will find the Muted Update section.
  • In the Mute Update option, a down arrow will appear. Click on it.
  • Clicking the arrow will mute it. If you have to click the show button to see it again. Or you have to follow the same structure in the same way to get it back.

You will get an in-app message that will system your account as Temporary Banned.

Yes, it is legal but it is not developed by the official authority. So, there is a risk of getting banned.

No, it's not completely safe. Sometimes it gets banned and there are possibilities you can lose valuable data.

It depends. It can be for only 24-48 hours, or a few days, or even for permanent.

Yes, It uses an end-to-end encrypted system. So your calls, messages, voices, and other documents are secure.

The official WhatsApp is the most secure of all. However, the other mode versions such as YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc are also safe and use end-to-end encryption but there is the risk of getting banned.


So I hope you’ve already understood the Yo WhatsApp download 2022 process. Now it’s your turn to follow the steps I have explained and successfully install the Yo WhatsApp APK on your device.

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