WhatsApp For Desktop – How To Use WhatsApp Web on Your PC 2022

WhatsApp Web is one of the most secure and user-friendly communicating and sharing apps out there. This Facebook-owned messaging and VoIP calling app allows anyone to share pictures, videos, files, documents, audios, locations, and more with a very secure process. This popular app now gets even more advanced with the new WhatsApp for desktop service!

However, many of us are confused about WhatsApp, WhatsApp web, its use, and others. So, today I targeted to discuss how to use WhatsApp on your PC and Laptop.

What Is WhatsApp For Desktop?

Since WhatsApp works based on your phone number and the contacts of your phone, it simply wasn’t accessible and useable through PCs. WhatsApp Web was created to emits this limitation. It is a web-based application developed by the same WhatsApp developers and has similar functionality as the WhatsApp app.

So, WhatsApp web is nothing new or an upgrade version of WhatsApp but it can be recognized as a tool of WhatsApp app that lets you chat and share in WhatsApp through your PC.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Web?

As you have already learned, WhatsApp is a secure messaging and content-sharing application that uses the phone number and the contact list. You are only allowed to have communication with the WhatsApp user of your contact list. These are some key features that you are getting with the web version and benefit you a lot.

1. You can share anything directly from your Laptop or PC on WhatsApp through it.

2. Don’t need to install any other application on both PC and smartphone to use WhatsApp web.

3. Very user-friendly interface.

4. Get clear voice and group chat available.

5. Supports document, video, and audio sharing.

6. Works smoothly on low-configuration PCs or laptops.

How to Use Download Whatsapp Web For PC On Your Windows?

WhatsApp Web is a really wonderful and useful addition. But as a regular WhatsApp user, you should know how to use WhatsApp Web. Here is the simplest and the correct most guideline to use it.

Step 1: Now open your favorite browser on your laptop or PC and type web.whatsapp.com on the URL bar to visit. This will take you to a WhatsApp-based webpage. There will be a QR code on that webpage

Whatsapp Web Scanig
Whatsapp Web Scanning

Step 1: For using the WhatsApp web, you must need a WhatsApp account.

For Android: Go to the google play store and search by ‘WhatsApp’. Download and install the app and create an account with basic information.

Android Whatsapp

For iOS: For iOS, it is not that much different. First, you have to visit the Apple App Store and search for WhatsApp and download it. Then create an account on WhatsApp and add your friends to your contact list.

Step 3: Open WhatsApp on the phone and click on the Three Dots > located in the top-right corner. Tap on WhatsApp web to open the camera with scanner mode.

three dots menu whatsapp web

Step 4: After clicking on the WhatsApp web option, you will see the page. “Link A Device”. Now Click on that option that we marked. then “scan QR code” click on the Ok button. Now, line up the camera in the fort of the QR.

WhatsApp web link a device qr code and scan

Step 5: After scanning the QR code. You see the WhatsApp PC mode. Enjoy your messaging platform.

how to use whatsapp web interface

How to Log Out from WhatsApp Web On Your Computer?

Step 1: If you ever forget to log out from the WhatsApp web, then don’t worry. It will not run until you activate your WhatsApp on a smartphone and have a strong internet connection.

Step 2: To log out from WhatsApp on a browser, click on the ‘three dots’ button to get access to the dropdown option button. Tap on the ‘Log out’ button to log out of your account from WhatsApp web.

whatsapp web logout

WhatsApp App VS. WhatsApp Web?

As I already mentioned, WhatsApp App and WhatsApp Web are pretty much the same things and offer almost the same features. However, the only key differences are-

WhatsApp App is a standard smartphone application that can be categorized as a messaging and sharing app where WhatsApp Web can be said as the PC version of the same WhatsApp of the phone.

For using WhatsApp App, an account is needed to be created against your phone number. WhatsApp Web doesn’t need to create an account since it only works with an existing account.

You can use WhatsApp App anytime and anywhere you want independently. In a normal scenario, WhatsApp Web Always depends on the Application version for working.

What You Can’t Do On WhatsApp For Desktop?

The thing that you can’t do on WhatsApp web is that you till now is you can’t use it independently. This is because WhatsApp is a very security concern app and works based on the phone number. Except that, you can do all the things you can do in the WhatsApp app on mobile.

How to Enable Dark Mode On WhatsApp For PC

This is a child’s job! Just tap that ‘three dots’ button and go for the ‘Settings’ option this time. Then click on the Theme and there will be a popup message asking you which mood you want. Click on dark to activate the dark mode on WhatsApp.

whatsapp web dark mode

Do People also ask?

1. How to use WhatsApp web for pc secretly?

Answer: It’s an easy task to do. Here are the steps.

1. Open WhatsApp web and go to the menu.

2. Now click WhatsApp web and the QR scanner option will open up automatically.

3. Now go to web.whatsapp.com from chrome.

4. Place the QR scanner or the code on the browser.

Now you will get access to the WhatsApp conversation and read the current and previous conversations.

2. How can you use WhatsApp For Desktop on mobile?

Answer: Open your WhatsApp on mobile.

1. Tap the 3 dots buttons and then tap WhatsApp web.

2. Now tap link a device and the camera will open.

3. Put the camera on the QR code and you will get access to it.

3. How long does WhatsApp web stay connected?

Answer: It’s for 30 minutes. If you are inactive for more than 30 minutes it will automatically log out.

4. Is WhatsApp secure?

Answer: Yes, WhatsApp is safe and secure. There is a chance of getting hacked. However, they require some device information for maintenance purposes.


We are long away from the starting and I am sure you have successfully learned how to use WhatsApp web in android and iOS. I have also discussed the benefits of using WhatsApp.

Follow the guide I have discussed. If you can maintain them properly I hope you will face no problem. Hopefully, there is no more confusion. Thanks for staying with us.

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