Download VLC Media Player For Windows 10 Latest Version 2021

If I would ask you for naming some famous media player then the VLC media player must be on your list. But do you know how to get a Download VLC Media Player For Windows?

Well, whether you are using Mac or Windows you’ll learn the VLC media player download process after reading this content. Today, I am going to discuss VLC download step by step for Mac and Windows. So, let’s dig in.

What is VLC Player for PC?

In simple words, the VLC media player or the VideoLAN Client as known previously is an open-source and cross-platform player and streaming software for media. It is software that has the core job of smooth-play files of any media format like mp4, mp3, WMV, WMA, and thousands of others. Moreover, the VLC player is much easier to operate than most other software in this category.

Features of VLC Media Player for PC

Easy to Use

VLC is super easy to operate and use. Even a newbie can effortlessly play media and use it without any hesitation. That’s how simple this player is!

Lag-Free Experience

VLC will provide you one of the most fluent media playing experiences. Especially, the high-quality and high-resolution videos lag in many media players. But the VLC player can easily handle these files.

Supports All Media Formats

VLC supports almost all the media formats that you can imagine! From the old-school media files to the advanced ones, all are conveniently supported on the VLC player.

Keyboard Shortcuts

VLC provides keyboard shortcuts for your Windows or Mac and you can enjoy any movie or song without navigating the mouse-course for increasing volume or playing the next one!

Convert Media

With VLC, you can convert files to other media formats quite easily. All you have to know is how to convert media using a VLC player.

How to Download and Install VLC Media Player For Windows 10?

Here I am showing the whole process of downloading the VLC player for Windows 11.

Step 1: Go to the VLC Media Player website

First, you need to visit the official website of VLC Player For PC. After you reach there it’ll detect your device. So, you have to just click the download button there.

Visit –

Step 2: Open the .exe file

Now, wait until the VLC player gets downloaded. Then go to the download folder and open the file.

Step 3: Install VLC Media Player

Now set the language and click next and follow the other processes and finally click install.

Wait till it is installed. Finally, click finish and the VLC player will launch.

After that, you may have to set it as your default player and then just open any video and it will open in VLC player.

How to Download and Install VLC Player on Mac?

It’s time to discuss the download process for the VLC media player for Mac.

Step 1: Visit the official site of VLC

Just like the windows process visit the official website of the VLC player and then just click download.

Here is the download link –

Step 2: Open the dmg file

When the download is done you’ll see it at the top right corner of the browser. Just click the .dmg file and soon you’ll see it appearing in another window with the application folder.

Step 3: Drag and Drop

Now just hold the VLC player icons drag them to the application folder.

Now it’ll take few seconds for copying. When it is moved then you’ll see another pop-up notification. There click open.

Step 4: Enable access

Now there will be another pop-up notification. There to get access to the metadata and album art click “Enable Metadata Retrieval” now the media player will open. But when you’ll open the video folder then you’ll have to give access to another security issue. There click open system preferences and everything is done.

How to Make VLC The Default Media Player in Windows?

  • Click on the Start Menu button on your PC and find and the setting option and enter it.
  • Find the option called ‘’Apps’’ and then select the ‘Default Apps’ option.
  • Then find the ‘Video player’ option and click on it.
  • Select VLC player from the dropdown list and that’s it!

Remember, the process may vary a bit in various Windows versions.

Setting as Default Media Player While Opening a Media File

The process is super easy. While opening a media file, place the cursor on that file and hit right-click. Then find the ‘Properties’ option at the very bottom of the list and click on it. Then, click on the “change” button beside the ‘Opens with’, select VLC, and you are done! For Mac, however, you have to enable ‘Metadata Retrieval’ and click on ‘system preference’.

How to Update VLC Media Player On Windows PC?

First, search for the VLC player on the Start menu and run it. Then you will see a ‘Help’ button on the upper area of the player. Click on that and you will find a Check for Updates option. Then, hit on it and it will check for updates. A pop-up box will appear if there is any update available. Click ok and it will start downloading updates.

How to Update VLC Media Player on Mac?

The task is pretty much similar to the Windows one. Run the VLC player software and click on the “Help” button and hit Check for updates. It will look for available updates and show you if there are any. Click ok and it will start updating the VLC player.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VLC legal?

Answer: Yes, it’s just a video and audio player. So, it is completely legal.

Is VLC safe in 2020?

Answer: It is safe and virus-free. It has no additional system that can harm your PC. Plus, there is no complaint about any negativity of VLC Player. So it is safe for both PC and Mac.

Why is the VLC player so popular?

Answer: First of all VLC player is completely free for all. Plus it is an open-source app and you don’t need an account to download or open it. Finally, the overall system of the vlc media player download is highly popular.

Final Words

I have already discussed the whole download process for windows. I hope following the procedures you’ll face no hassle while downloading it. In addition, I have also discussed some related topics and FAQs which might come in help for you.

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