Turbo VPN For PC – Download For Windows 7, 8, 10, & Mac

Turbo VPN gained huge fame on android. So people are widely searching for the PC version of Turbo VPN. recently they have come with official software for Windows and Mac.

In this article, I will discuss how to download and install Turbo VPN for pc. Well, I will discuss 2 methods to download. But before getting to the downloading process, I will make you familiar with Turbo VPN. So keep reading.

What is Turbo VPN For PC?

Turbo VPN is security software that is started to be advanced or elaborated to specified specialties. It is a VPN for android. This VPN is exhibited by featuring new advanced methods which have become a new concern to the users.

Turbo VPN is a service that was at first provided by China. Various studies have revealed out that Turbo VPN possesses a very firm connection accompanied by the mainland of china. Turbo VPN mainly works about an act of handing something over a person’s report to a legitimate dominance. But if a user considers his online privacy then he should rethink taking the service of Turbo VPN.

The service of Turbo VPN can be obtained on mobile including Android devices. At a time, Turbo VPN can create a link between more than four devices and the connection between the devices is moderately faster. The service also offers a formal experiment that is free and user-friendly and its duration is for three days.

Key Features Of Turbo VPN For PC

However Turbo VPN a new software offers its users some evoking admiration through its quality and the user can download typically over the internet without any data or freely. Some captivating features of Turbo VPN are as follows:

1. Turbo VPN creates a space for browsing for the users with much more security and the users feel free and use free also by keeping their privacy locked at the same time.

2. One of the most impressive features of VPN is that any mobile device including Android can link with the world web easily through the service of VPN

3. The speed of VPN so much faster comparatively than any other software and that’s the reason for being so much popular with users.

4. A user can look over any space through the internet which sites are normally confined to visit for any country.

5. Turbo VPN is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

6. The VPN has worldwide access to 22000+ servers

6. Get 24/7 supports.

Minimum System requirements for Turbo VPN For PC

I have already discussed the process but are you sure your PC will be compatible with this VPN. Here are some requirements to install Turbo VPN.

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 or macOS.

Architecture: Will run on 32-bit or 64-bit

RAM: Required 512 MB minimum

Storage: 50 MB for the App + the emulator’s size

Processor: Intel or AMD dual-core or above

Internet Connection: Required

If your PC lacks anything from the above requirements then Turbo VPN won’t run on your PC.

How to Download and Install Turbo VPN For Windows

Step 1: First of all download Turbo VPN .exe file from the below download button

Step3: When the download is complete, then open the downloaded .exe file with double click on it. [It will usually be in your Downloads folder.]

turbo vpn for pc download

Step 4: Follow the instructions to install the software: “Next” >> I Agree [Terms & Conditions] >> And finally choose to install location and Click on “Install”.

turbo vpn for pc install

Step 5: Click finish, launch, sign-up, and connect.

turbo vpn for pc install complate

Step 6: Now open the application, and select the location where you want to connect. Then click on the “TAP TO CONNECT” icon to connect to the VPN and enjoy the service.

turbo vpn for pc tab to connect

Pricing Plans for Turbo VPN

Very often you will notice an advertisement, “Turbo VPN – Free” But the advertisement is not correct. Like the other premium VPNs, turbo VPN is also a paid VPN. There are different types of plans and pricing. However, you can get a free 1-week trial but you have to make a subscription to get this. Let’s see the pricing plans in detail.

• 2 years plan – $4.17 per month
• 1years plan – $5.00 per month
• 6 months plan – $6.67 per month
• 1-month plan – $11.99 per month


• Free but limited version.

• In-app purchases that are secured by the apps store.

• Perfect connection speed.

• Unblock all streaming sites and movies sites

• Easy to secure any connection


• Slow net speed on some proxy

• High-Speed proxy is paid

• High-Speed proxy is paid

• Few features.

• Bit torrent not allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Does Turbo VPN work on PC?

Answer: There was no official app for Turbo VPN. Then people used it using an emulator. Now they have an official app for Mac and Windows. I have already discussed the processes above.

2. Is Turbo VPN safe?

Answer: Yes Turbo VPN is safe and legal. There are no illegal issues till you work in something breaking your country’s rules. Besides, it ensures 99.99% security of your data.

3. How do I connect to Turbo VPN?

Answer: For the emulator, after installing the app you have to enter the application. Then they will ask for a subscription. Do it and you will see paid and free plans. Get any plans and click connect to turn on VPN.

For PC, after Installing the software, launch it. Then set up your account and connect it.


Lessor, much you have already good ideas about Turbo VPN. No more worries as they have now their official software for windows and Mac. Many people still don’t know it. But I have confirmed it by giving the proper installation and download process.

Hopefully, you have no more queries about Turbo VPN. If you want to install another VPN, you can check out other articles – Nord VPN, Hotspot Shield.

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