SHAREit For PC – Download For Windows 7, 8, 10 (Updated 2021)

SHAREit PC, one of the best file transfer applications of all time. This famous android and iOS-based application allow you to share files, pictures, videos, audio, documents, etc. with other similar devices. It is fast, safe, and far effortless than any other file transfer application. SHAREit was initially developed and controlled by SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd and currently it is driven under Smart Media4U Technology Pte. Ltd.

But SHAREit application is no longer limited to android and iOS devices. It is now available for PC and laptops which opens a whole new layer of file transferring experiences. SHAREIt for PC lets you share your file between PC to PC or PC to Smartphones wirelessly. It completely removes any data cable or wires for sharing files to other PC, laptops, or phones. In this article, I will discuss How to download SHAREit PC.

What is SHAREit For PC?

SHAREit is a data-sharing application used for sharing different types of files from one device to another device or among a group.

Features of SHAREit App For PC

Before sharing the downloading process, I will shortly discuss some features of SHAREit.

Unlimited Sharing

SHAREit has no limit. You can share a thousand GB of files using SHAREit.

Group Share

Using SHAREit you can create and join a group. Then you can share files among the group.


SHAREit is way faster than Bluetooth and the data downloading method. In some cases, you can get a 300 times faster data transmission rate.


SHAREit is highly secured. When you are connecting with other devices. The device can’t SHAREit anything without the permission of your device.

Share Between Different OS

When most of the sharing applications allow sharing between the same operating system, SHAREit allows sharing from one OS to another OS.

Shareit App Download – Transfer & Share

shareit icon

App NameSHAREit
Current Version6.0.79_ww
Requires Android4.1 and up
User rating4.2
Google PlayStoreSHAREit
DeveloperSmart Media4U Technology Pte.Ltd.
Last UpdateYesterday

How to Downloading Shareit For PC

Now I will cover the main point of this article showing you the easiest steps to download it. Here learn about it.

Step 1: In the very first step you have to download the software. As SHARE it is very popular you will easily find it in different app markets such as Usher. Here I am giving the link:

shareit for pc download

If you don’t want to visit the link you can download the application simply by clicking the download button below.

Step 2: Now your device may ask for the location to save it. Set the location and click the save button. If it doesn’t then you will find it in the download folder.

Step 3: SHAREit is downloaded. Now you need to open it and set up the application. For that go to the download folder and open the .exe file.

Now you will see some procedures to do. Here you have to give the direction in while drive you want to save it. Then you have to agree to their terms and conditions. Now click the install button and wait till it is done. When it is done click the Finish button and open SHAREit by clicking the icon. (You may get a shortcut button on the desktop. If you don’t go to the start menu and or the program files and open it.)

shareit for windows install

Step 4: Congratulations! SHAREit is on your PC. Now share files with other devices easily using SHAREit.

shareit for pc interface

How to Download SHAREit on MacOS?

Now it’s to discuss the downloading process of SHAREit for macOS. Here get the process in detail.

Step 1: Visit the Following Link

First, you need to go to the given link and click the download button for macOS. (If there is any security system then click allow. I guess nothing will appear on macOS)

Step 2: Double click the dmg file

When the download is over go to the download folder and double click the .dmg file.

It’ll ask for your password. Click it and then enter. It’ll verify, check the volume and open in a new window.

Step 3: Drag and Drop

Now you’ll see SHAREit and another folder – Application at the right of SHAREit. Drag the SHAREit icon and drop it to the application.

Step 4: Launch SHAREit

Finally, it’ll take a few seconds to move on to the application folder.

Go to the application folder and click SHAREit.

Step 5: Allow to Open SHAREit

At first, SHAREit may not be opened. It will be blocked by the security system. To open it go to the Settings>Security and Privacy.

Here you’ll see SHAREit was Blocked. There will be a button open anyway. Click it and again you’ll be asked for the password. Type it and it will open.

How to Use SHAREit For Windows 7, 8, 10, 11?

1. Download and Install the Software

The first task is to download the SHAREit for PC software on your PC and then Now install the software on the pc

2. Open Apps On Both Devices

Run the app on your computer as well as on the other device where you want to send or receive files

4. Making Pairs

The pairing process is very effortless and SHAREit will guide you on it. Just search and connect! You can also use the QR scan system to connect the devices. However, it is only required for the first time.

5. For Sending

For sending files, click on ‘Send’ and then drag or choose the files which you want to send. Then click next and choose your expected device from the available device list.

6. For Receiving

You won’t have to do much for receiving files on a SHAREit PC. Just connect the Computer and other devices and hit the ‘Receive’ button.

How Does Share It Works?

SHAREit is unique from other file-sharing apps because it uses Wifi and Hotspots to share files instead of Bluetooth, HFC, or other conventional internet connections. This peer-to-peer exchange method makes SHAREit way faster and capable of transferring larger files.

When you start the application on both devices, it first searches and connects both devices via Wifi direct, and then it lets you choose what files you want to transfer from the sending devices, and then it sends the files to the expected device.

Why Share It Transfer Speed Is Slow Sometimes Some Times?

Though SHAREit is one of the best file transferring software of all, it is true that it sometimes becomes slow while transferring files. This can happen for several reasons.

Because it transfers files wirelessly. Keeping both devices far from each other will surely slow the transferring process. At worse, the connection will cut.

If the pc or device has many applications working simultaneously, then the sharing might get slow.

Sharing files on multiple devices at the same time will also slow the transferring process.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is SHAREit Safe?

Answer: Yes, SHAREit is completely safe and there is no virus issue. You can share very big size and important data using SHAREit.

2. What types of files you can share using SHAREit?

Answer: Audio, video, app, software, tar, zip, doc, pdf all types of files can be shared using SHAREit.

3. Is There a Spanish Language Version of SHAREi?

Answer: At present SHAREit is available in 39 different languages. Spanish is one of the major languages and SHAREit has the Spanish version available.

Final Thought

The main purpose of this article is to help you in finding the best way to download it. We have provided the download button in this article. You don’t need to visit other sites when you are on this page. Follow every step and work according to it. There is no chance to go wrong if you follow my suggested ways.

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