Netflix App For PC | How To Get Netflix App For Windows 2022

Netflix app for pc is a must-have app for the user. Netflix is the world’s largest video streaming site. Already more than 195 million people are watching Netflix worldwide. A user can watch videos like movies, web series, and TV shows purchasing a simple plan.

Netflix app for windows enables the users to watch videos with 4k resolution and HD surround sound quality. The app is free to download and install from the Microsoft store officially. Next, the app allows the user to download the content and watch offline on more than one device depending on the plan.

To enjoy Netflix streaming with the utmost pleasure, you must have a device with 4k resolution. Then, buy the premium plan for family use.

In this article, I have enlisted the way of installing the Netflix app, purchase plans, purchase, and the key features. Explore the app below

Why Use The Netflix For PC?

The Netflix app for pc provides boundless features to the users. Although you can watch the streaming using internet browsers, you cannot unlock the great features. If you are paying for the premium plan, you must install the Netflix app on the PC. Let’s see the top features of the app.

Easy To Use: The free app is very easy to control. The interface will take you to your desired movies or shows easily. You will find the thumbnail of the movies and TV shows categorically. Just click on the thumbnail to start the streaming.

4k Streaming With HD Sound: The app enables you to watch 4k streaming with the premium plan. You cannot watch 4k resolution in the internet browser. Next, the app enables you to download 4k videos that you can watch while offline.

Customization Options: Netflix app allows you to customize the features. You can lock and unlock the devices that you don’t want to use. It is like a parental control app. Next, you can customize the theme, color, subtitle, streaming category, and so on.

Free To Install From Microsoft Store: To install the Netflix app, visit the Microsoft store. You can install the app free in your windows. Make sure, your device has an internet connection. A device with 4k resolution will allow you to watch 4k movies and TV shows.

Features Of Netflix App For PC

Easy Interface: The interface Netflix app will blow your mind at the first impression. Just click on the app with your internet connection. It will show content on the display. You will find several rows in different categories. Click on the picture of the content. It will play streaming automatically.

Next, the app will record what you have watched, what you are watching, and the related videos so that you can find your desired videos easily. The app will categorize the content regarding your watching content.

Furthermore, the app allows you to navigate the contents. Keep the cursor at the last content in the row. It will show arrow keys to go deeper. You can easily get the next content in this way.

Wide Selection Of Content: Netflix has become popular worldwide because of its wide selection of content. You will find every genre and category in the app.

The Netflix app for pc will show the category and genes below the video content. If you click on the genres or categories, it will show the results regarding the selection. For example, you can search for horror, comedy, action, science fiction, web series, thriller, detective, mystery, adventure, and so on.

Moreover, you may not get this mess selection in other streaming apps. Just confirm your paid log in and enjoy the boundless video streaming.

Multitasking Functionality: If you have watched Netflix on the chrome browser, you could not work on other tabs and watch streaming at the same time. The Netflix app for windows will let you work on different software or browsers while streaming your favorite series or movies.

Shorten the border of the Netflix app and place it at any side left or right. Now you can watch and do your urgent task at the same time. In this case, you may lose your attention to the web series. Be attentive to your task.

Easy Search And Play Option: The Netflix interface will show the video contents with categories in the display. Sometimes, you may not find the desired content on the display.

In this case, the steaming app has a search button at the top-right corner. Write the name of the content and observe the suggestion. It will show suggestions with your typing.

Click on the suggestion from the search button. The app will start streaming the suggested video. You can search for unlimited video content per day.

On the other hand, the windows apps allow you to use Cortana for voice. Command the title using Cortana. It will take you to the stream without writing anything.

Customize Subtitles: Almost every streaming has subtitles and shows you with the streaming. You can customize the subtitles in the app. Visit the official website of Netflix and log in with your account. Go to the subtitle option and make changes. Save the changes.

Now, open the app from the windows and refresh for once. It will show the changes in the subtitles.

High Definition Streaming And Sound: The most amazing feature of the Netflix app for pc is the 4k video and HD sound. You will not get these features in the browsers.

The Netflix video streaming app will broadcast the streaming with 4k resolution and 5.1 Dolby surround sound. To enjoy 4k video, you must have a device with HD resolution and an HD sound system.

This feature may not be applicable to all devices. However, this feature depends on your devices.

Access To Download Contents: When you install Netflix downloader pc, you can download the content on your devices. The app allows you to download Netflix movies to the computer.

Here, the app allows you to watch Netflix offline. You can download 100 video content on different devices. After downloading the video contents, you can watch them when you are offline.

The capacity of downloading content depends on the Netflix plan that you are paying for.

How To Download & Install Netflix On Windows From Microsoft Store

You can download and install Netflix on windows from the Microsoft store officially. To download the app from the Microsoft store, you don’t need an account and payment. Follow the instructions below and get an app on your Windows 8, 10, and 11.

Go to Microsoft store: Search Microsoft store from the search option in the taskbar. Write Microsoft Store on the search option. Open the store.

Search Netflix app: Go to the search option at the top-right of the store. Write Netflix and tab the enter button.

Install Netflix App In Your Windows: The search bar will take you to the Netflix app. Find the install button there at the right corner. Click on the install button. It will install automatically.

Launch Netflix Now: After the installation, click on the launch button at the same place where “Install” was written. Make sure your device is connected to the internet. The app will take you to the interface. Log in with your account and start streaming.

Netflix App For Pc Plans

Netflix app offers you 4 plans regarding the options, video quality, users, and so on. For PC plans, you will have 3 plans available such as Basic, Standard, and Premium. The plans are described below.

Basic Netflix Plan For PC: The basic plan starts at USD 7.99 per month. This plan will allow you to watch unlimited videos and TV shows on a device at a time. You can watch the streaming using a mobile phone, TV, tables, and computer. However, you cannot watch HD streaming with this plan.

Standard Netflix Plan For PC: The standard plan will cost USD 9.99 per month. This plan will allow you to watch unlimited videos and TV shows on 2 devices at a time. It means you can use the account on two devices at a time. Including the features above, this plan includes HD streaming.

Premium Netflix Plan For PC: The premium plan starts at USD 11.99 per month. This is the best plan for the Netflix app. It allows 4 screens at a time. You can operate the same account on 4 devices at the same time. With the features above, it includes Ultra HD streaming.

How To Purchase Netflix Plan For Windows

Install The Netflix App: First, install the Netflix app in your windows. You can purchase any plan without installing the app. The app will help you to check the plan fast.

Create An Account: Create your account with an Email address. You may have to input some personal information while creating the account. Remember the email and the password.

Sign In To Official Website: Open Netflix’s official website in a browser. Sign in with the created email and password. Go to the purchase option.

Choose a plan: Choose a plan regarding the number of users. Check out the various plans for windows from the paragraph above.

Input Payment Option And Purchase Netflix Plan: When you click on any purchase plan, it will take you to the payment option. Select the easiest payment option and input the necessary information. Purchase the plan. Enjoy unlimited video streaming with TV shows.

How To Play Netflix Video On Window 10/11

You can play Netflix videos on Windows 10/11 in two ways. You can use a browser to enjoy the streaming or use the Netflix app for pc. I prefer to use the Netflix app for pc to watch the streaming HD.

Using Browser: Using a browser, you can log in to the Netflix official website. Here, you can enjoy everything with a 720-pixel resolution. The interface is the same as the Netflix app with some limitations.

Using Netflix app: The Netflix app will take you to the kingdom of video streaming and TV shows. Just log in to your account and enjoy the streaming. The app will broadcast 4k videos depending on your Netflix plan. Next, you can download movies and TV shows to watch offline with the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Netflix free?

Answer: Netflix is a video streaming site with an app. It was free for 30 days previously. At present, you have to purchase a plan to watch the amazing streaming on your phone, computer, laptop, and TV. The lowest plan for Netflix is USD 3.99 for mobile-only.

2. Are there any alternatives to the Netflix app?

Answer: Netflix is one of the biggest video streaming apps. If you want to watch Netflix in HD, you must install the app on your device. Next, you can watch the streaming using different internet browsers in windows.

3. Should I download the Netflix app for pc?

Answer: The decision depends on your choice. If you like to watch 4k videos with a premium plan on your windows or laptop, you must install the Netflix app. The app will provide ultra HD streaming regarding your purchase plan.

4. What Netflix plan should I purchase?

Answer: You should purchase a plan regarding the number of users and devices. I prefer to purchase the premium plan. It allows 4 devices to watch the streaming at the same time. The premium plan enables you to watch 4k videos on your devices. Here, your device must support 4k resolution.

5. Can I download movies and web series using the Netflix app?

Answer: Yes, you can download movies and web series using the Netflix app for windows. The app will allow you to download 100 movies and shows on your device for offline uses. You can watch them later when you are on the go somewhere.

Final Word

Netflix has become a common name all over the world. The video streaming site has reached the top of popularity with its innovative ideas and content. With a simple plan, anybody can purchase a plan and enjoy unlimited streaming.

The Netflix app for PC adds extra pleasure to the users. If you are paying for the premium plan, you must install the app in your windows and enjoy limitless 4k streaming.