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If someone asks you for a daily use software – Messenger for pc must be an answer to your application list. Yes, it is one of the most popular communication software at present. Whether it is Android, iPhone, Windows, or macOS messenger is available everywhere.

So, if you’ve been searching for a way to get messenger on your PC then here I am going to satisfy your need. In this article, I am about to discuss the whole process of how to download messenger for PC but before that, you are going to learn a bit more about Messenger.

A Brief of Messenger for PC

Facebook Messenger is such an app to connect people for their daily work life and personal life. Aside from using this fantastic app on the phone, you can also use it on a PC. Moreover, on PC, there are some more advantages than using the phone.

You can chat and share your moments with your family or friends without any distractions now. Everything on the larger screen seems so beautiful and fantastic. There is a separate messenger app for Windows & macOS. So, when you install the app on your PC, it’s just one step to work to connect with the world.

Messenger for PC is such an app that can be used even if you don’t want a Facebook app in your browser. Hence, download Messenger for PC for the utmost and best PC experience.

Features of Messenger for PC

Without messaging or chats, there are also some excellent features of PC version messenger. Here we go with some highlighted features –

Connect Easily

For connecting in messenger, you won’t need any extra phone number, pin, or email address. As you have already friends on Facebook, it will automatically connect with the messenger.

Larger Screen

Video calling with your loving person on a larger screen after a tiring day is a blessing! Join video call with your friends and family in the larger screen video call and enjoy your moments.

Chats Sync

Even you switch your messenger from mobile to pc often, you won’t miss a single notification of your chats. It has a system of chats sync through phone and pc, so no matter what you won’t miss anything.


Suppose you are watching the video on Youtube or doing your office work, then if your messenger notification shows up, you can just enter in the app and answer your message while doing other works continued on the computer.

Stickers, GIF & Customization

You can choose your favorite stickers from thousands of stickers in messenger. Funny and goofy GIFs from the GIF store will make your chatting experience more lively. You will get everything you need on the larger screen with dark and daytime mode!


When someone will text you, you’ll get the notification immediately and can find the chat at the top section. Same as you can also snooze someone’s notification if you want. You will get to know if people have seen your message,

Voice Message

Sometimes we prefer voice messages more than texting. For them, it’s super pleasant to have a voice record option to record voice messages and share their moments!

Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free Playstore Details

messenger for pc icon

App NameMessenger
SizeVaries with device
Current Version319.
Requires AndroidVaries with device
User rating4.0
Google PlayStoreMessenger
Last UpdateYesterday

How to Download and Install Messenger for PC?

There are 2 easy ways to download Facebook messenger for PC windows 7 – from the Microsoft Store, and the .exe file. Definitely, the Microsoft store is the easiest way to get it. Here get both processes.

Download via Messenger Official Link

Step 1: At first open your browser and go to the following link.

messenger for windows download

Step 2: Then click Download for windows. Once you click it you’ll be asked for the location. Set the location and then click Save. Wait till the download is over. As soon as the download is over go to the download folder and open the messenger.exe file.

messenger for windows install

Step 5: Fortunately, there is no more hassle like other software. Once you open the file it will automatically install and when it is done you’ll get a notification and it will launch automatically.

messenger for pc login

Messenger is on your PC now. Just log in to your account and enjoy it.

messenger for windows interface

How to Install Facebook Messenger via Windows 11 Microsoft Store

Step 1: At first go to the search bar and write Microsoft Store.

NB: If you didn’t add any Microsoft account while setting up the windows then add your live account to login to the Microsoft Store

microsoft store search windows bar

Step 2: Open Microsoft Store and search “Messenger” You’ll see the Messenger icon and click on it. Then simply click Install.

messenger for windows download and install

Step 4: Now you have to wait till the download is over. When it is done you will get a notification and also see the launch button. Simply click launch and it will open.

how to download install messenger for pc

Pros and Cons of Messenger

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. That may be the product, food, habit, phone, or app. The same goes for messenger. Here are some pros and cons of this app-


  • HD call sharing with no call drop.
  • No need to spend money to use this app.
  • Easy to share links to work on a project or collaboration.
  • Speedy texting for the best experience.


  • Forced to use Facebook to access this app.
  • Takes storage over 100+mb in your device.


Is There Any Alternative?

Sometimes it’s heard that from messenger, people lost their data and information. They got hacked. And this news is very worrisome. That’s why many of you want to find an alternative safe option of the messenger. Here are some popular and safe alternatives-

1. WhatsApp Web

Both for phone or PC, this app works like magic. Over 1.5 billion people use this app for their daily life. You can share pictures, chat, record voice messages, join video calls, and also share files with this app. This app finds your friends from your contact list which is very easy and time-consuming. There is no chance of losing your data or personal information from this app.

2. Telegram Desktop

This one is also a messaging app focusing on privacy. This app is super easy to use. Over 200 million people use this app. You can share images, chat, record voice messages or share files from this app. Moreover, you can join a group where of 2000+ people.

3. Skype For PC

Skype is known for video calling, but it has more other options to use. Users can text, share photos and send video messages. Plus, users can make calls in international numbers that can be cell numbers or landlines.

4. Viber

This is comparable to WhatsApp functionality. For finding members, it’ll automatically connect the contact list. Viber has a “Secret Chat” option, where the messages get destroyed after a certain time. You can make international phone calls or video calls, share files, text, and create a group chat.

Frequently Asked Question?

1. Can I download messenger on my PC

Answer: Yes, surely you can download it on your PC. You’ll find it on the Microsoft Store. Plus, here I have also discussed the download process, follow it.

2. Is messenger Free?

Answer: Fortunately, the messenger is completely free for mobile, PC, and other devices.

3. How can I download the latest version of messenger?

Answer: If you are using mobile then use the app store or Playstore. And if it is from PC then download it from the Microsoft store or their official website.

4. Is messenger for windows good?

Answer: Yes, it is safe but they need some access. If it is private or issuable then wisely agree to the terms.

Final Words

I hope you have completely understood the installation process of Messenger for the desktop. Fortunately, it is one of the easiest software to install, and whether it’s an app store or link it won’t be any hassle. But I suggest using Microsoft store for the ease of installation.

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