Instagram Plus APK – Download V10.14.0 Latest Version 2022

Experts are assuming Instagram is going to be the most hyped social site in the near future. So, Instagram is improving day by day with new features. But did you know a modified version of Instagram has already launched and it is known as an Instagram plus? Yes, today I will make you familiar with this new application and after reading the content you will understand why you should use Instagram plus Apk. So let’s get into the main part.

What is Instagram plus APK?

Instagram is a world-renowned social network website whose modified version is Instagram Plus. And it has been created with some new features from the official Instagram so that the users can get more benefits with it.

Although Instagram Plus AP is basically an alternate app of the original Instagram, it is aimed at bringing more benefits so it is more desirable for the user. Plus, Instagram Plus is updated regularly and is more and more modernized as well as trying to add new features.

What is Instagram mod APK?

Instagram mod APK is a popular and standard site among various social media sites in the world where you’ll find the best way for sharing one’s moments. The Instagram mod adds more features to this popular social media where hundreds of video sharing, photo sharing as well as ginger apps like Facebook, and Messenger connect function.

Using the Instagram mod apk you can use a photo editor as well as status sharing, messaging, and video calls, and can explore your hobbies and personality as well.

Features of Instagram Plus APK

instagram+ apk is basically a slightly modified version that adds some features. Altogether they can make the user more entertained. Let’s check the features of Instagram Plus APK.

Download Facilities

With this Instagram Plus, users can download and store any video or audio. In addition, any image other than audio video can be saved in the app’s storage. Aside from that, there is a facility to download posted images.

Fullscreen DP

If you click on the profile picture in the official app, its full size will be visualized. But if you click on this APK, you can see the full size of the profile picture.

Create Fan Page

It is easy to see who the user is following and who the user isn’t following. If the user wants, he can run Instagram as his page and make it even more popular.

Privacy Policy

There are profile lock facilities that require user permission if anyone wants to follow. There is also an app lock system as well as a status post hide option.

Create Highlights

With the help of this app, if you want some of the regular statuses, you can put them as highlights on your page like the posted picture.

Media facilities

Users can share audio or video conversations or chat with anyone in the inbox. And here the image resolution is higher. Besides, one can create a market by creating an official page.

Enough Language Support

In this APK, a user can make connections in different languages if he wants. You can translate the caption of the post. Here you’ll find many languages such as Arabic, Spanish, etc.

How to install Instagram APK on Android?

To install Instagram APK you have to download Instagram plus first. But unfortunately, you won’t get it on PlayStore. But don’t worry, we have already added the download link here.

So, first here you have to click the download button and wait till the Instagram plus download is over. And then you have to go to the installation process.

Download the Latest Version of Instagram Plus Apk.

Installation Process

NB: Make sure you have already uninstalled official Instagram before installing the Instagram plus Apk.

1. First of all you need to set permission for the unknown sources. For that go to settings>security>install unknown app>Allow browser (The browser you have used to download Instagram Plus)

Enable Unknown Sources


2. Now go to the download option and open the Instagram plus apk file.

3. click install and wait till it is over.

4. Now click done or Open now and Instagram APK is in your android.

Do I need to enable permissions to install Instagram Plus APK?

Instagram is a popular communication medium that is advancing over time Normally, to download an app on Android, you must have permission from the admin.

But with Instagram Plus, it’s not necessary. users don’t have to face these permissions. The user only needs to add his media, files and this is a very easy process to access on your Instagram.

How to hide your followers on Instagram plus?

Now Let’s see how to hide followers from your page.

Step 1: First you need to log in to your Instagram page.

Step 2: You have to enter the profile option on the lower right side of Instagram.

Step 3: You will find options with horizontal three markings at the top of the profile.

Step 4: Click on the option to go to the privacy option.

Step 5: Click on the profile lock option in the privacy option.

Step 6: If the profile lock is successful, it will become a private profile. As a result, followers or falling options will be hidden from them.

So you can easily hide your profile in this way.

How to update Instagram Plus APK?

As Instagram Plus Apk isn’t available in PlayStore, updating it will not be too easy. There you won’t get notifications about updates. However, on different sites, you can check for updates. Our site will provide information about Instagram plus updates.

Why Instagram Plus Apk is not available in the Play store?

Instagram Plus isn’t developed by the official isn’t developers. Plus, it is a modified version of the official application. So, it isn’t available in the PlayStore.

Instagram Plus Apk Download Latest Version 2022

The latest version Instagram Plus APK provides more beneficial features with a smooth experience. The latest version fixes previous bugs and there are fewer possibilities to get banned. So, it is better to use the latest Instagram Plus apk latest version.

Best Instagram plus APK tips

Recently, Instagram Plus is gaining popularity with its latest version. Its features are regularly updated by the developer. And this is the best Instagram APK plus app available on Android phones that you can use as a daily companion. So I am providing some tips on using this app.

  1. This is one of the best apps where you can use your URL to spread your activity on other apps with your phone.
  2. It’s like the official app but not the same. Rather, it ensures 100% safety with more features
  3. It will surprise you with themes that are not available in normal Instagram.
  4. Download quality select, audio, video facility, etc. are available and it is only possible in the Android version.
  5. You will not need a separate translator. It is available in this best APK.

How to change the theme in Instagram Plus APK?

Many times the user can feel bored while using the same theme. No more you have to face it because Instagram Plus is providing lots of themes for the users. Now let’s learn how to do it.

  1. First of all the user has to go to the info option and tap on it.
  2. After the info option, a chat settings option will appear in the right corner.
  3. If you enter the chat settings on the right site, you will get the theme change option on Instagram.
  4. When you reach the theme options, you will come across a variety of theme options. From the options, the user can change the theme of his choice.

In this way, the user can quickly change the theme color as well.

FAQ? Instagram Plus and Mod Apk

Is Instagram Plus Apk safe?

Ans: Yes, it is safe and secure. But keep in mind you are not downloading it from any random site. Because sometimes malware can be downloaded with the main APK file.

What is not allowed on Instagram?

Ans: Users can not share unauthentic content on Instagram and do not share any nude images or videos for Social purposes. And posts that increase theft or harm are also disallowed to be posted.

Will I get banned for using Instagram Plus APK?

Ans: Instagram Plus offers an amazing anti-ban feature. This allows the user to automatically resolve issues with any type of ban section. For this reason, there is no problem that users have to face in normal apps. As a result, users can use Instagram much more easily.

So Instagram Plus is increasing its popularity day by day.

What’s New in Instagram Plus APK 2021?

Ans: Due to the constant updates with Instagram Plus Developer, it brings its new features very fast. These are –

  • This brings up the Antiban option.
  • Added a lot more themes than normal which makes the background more colorful.
  • A translator option has been added which is very useful for different language users.
  • There is a facility to view full-size profiles.

In this way, by adding various new features, Instagram is becoming more and more desirable.

Can I uninstall Instagram plus APK?

Ans: There are no systematic differences between Instagram and Instagrams plus. So whenever you want you can install this APK file.

Can you hide your followers on Instagram plus?

Ans: Yes, you can hide. As of today, the number of Instagram users, along with business, and influencers, is growing by the millions. So for privatization and for the convenience of many, Instagram Plus has the advantage of this feature. So that the user can hide the followers and for this, the page has to be kept private so that the outside people cannot see it. Again, if you want, you can hide it through the block option.

How do I get Instagram+?

Ans: Though Instagram ++ isn’t available in PlayStore, you can find it on different websites. For example, we are providing the application for free.

Final Verdict

So far I have almost covered every topic related to Instagram plus. Here you have got ideas about the features, tips, and some common FAQs. Plus, you know now how to download and install Instagram plus apk. So, try Instagram plus Apk and I bet you are not going to switch back to Instagram officially again.

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