GBWhatsApp APK Download – Extra Features 2022 Updated Anti-Ban

Are you a regular WhatsApp user? If yes, then GB WhatsApp is something you should pay attention to. We’ve all heard of WhatsApp, which is one of the most popular instant messaging apps available today. But do you know about the various GB WhatsApp Apk mods available on the internet? These mods include interesting features that you can’t find on the official GBWhatsApp Apk application.

Among the available customized versions of WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp is the best.
It offers amazing features like using two accounts on the same device, hiding online, DND mode, short video status, and auto-reply features for the non-business accounts, and so on.

If you are interested in GB WhatsApp, this article will let you know all about it and you can also download and install GB WhatsApp APK 2021 from here. So, let’s get started,

What is GBWhatsApp Apk?

GB WhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp. It has all the features that the regular WhatsApp offers plus some extra features that users wanted to experience in the official version.

So, according to users’ demand, developers created this GB WhatsApp that doesn’t require root or any hassle to use this application. You can download GB WhatsApp on any android supported smartphone.

This is amazing in all aspects. You can highly benefit from the features it includes. Want to know what extra features come with this modified GB WhatsApp application? We have illustrated all the features enabled in GB WhatsApp in the next.

Feature of ‎Highlights GB WhatsApp Pro APK

GB WhatsApp is safe to use. The developer team is always looking forward to making the user journey seamless and so they keep updating the application whenever they find any issue in it.

So, you can use this without any hesitation. For your information, currently, it has 7 million+ downloads around the world. It is mainly popular among regular WhatsApp users who are concerned about it. Because of the features, it includes, the application will surely get more popular soon. So what’s more with GB Whatsapp? Here are all the features of GB WhatsApp APK.

  1. Auto replay feature that was only available for the WhatsApp business account but GBWhatsApp makes it available for private accounts also
  2. You can share your location with its location sharing function.
  3. Send video and audio files up to 50MB and 100MB respectively.
  4. Private replying option even in a group.
  5. Anti-ban feature to keep you safe from getting banned officially by WhatsApp.
  6. Support third-party video player.
  7. Create and share your own themes.
  8. Dark Mode.
  9. Support dual WhatsApp account in one device.
  10. Hide your message blue double ticks.
  11. Hide online status.
  12. Send more than 90 pictures at a time.
  13. Tons of new and customized emojis.
  14. Upload videos up to 7 minutes in length in GB Whatsapp APK.
  15. DND mode.
  16. Call blocker.
  17. Pop up Notifications.
  18. Delete multiple messages at once.

There are lots more included in the application you can find while getting started using this application. So, delay for what? Download GB Whatsapp APK right now and enjoy these exciting features in your messaging experience.

How to install GBWhatsApp Apk Download?

To use GB WhatsApp, you have to download and install the APK file on your device. Because you can’t download GB WhatsApp from the Google play store. So, you have to download the APK to use it. You can download GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp plus or the GB WhatsApp update 2021 version. Whatever you want to use, you have to follow the steps given here below.

Step 1. First of all, you have to allow ‘Unknown sources’ to make it supportable on your device. How to do it? Go to the ‘Settings’ option on your device, then ‘Security’ and you can see ‘Unknown sources’ which you have to click.

Unknown setting option

Step 2. Download the APK file by clicking on the Download option from here. Your file will be started to download and when it is finished, you have to install it manually from the file manager

Step 3. It will take a few moments to install GB WhatsApp. When it will be done, the rest of the process is similar to the official WhatsApp installation process. You have to input the phone number, then verify it with the given code and start using GB WhatsApp.

apk download and install done

GBWhatsapp Apk Vs Whatsapp Apk

Since we know that GB WhatsApp is not the only modified version of WhatsApp. as there are some others like WhatsApp plus, FM WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp pro, etc are also available online. But GB WhatsApp seems to be the best among all of them as it brings a plethora of features that are surely more versatile than the original WhatsApp applications. Besides, it has an anti-ban feature so you can download and use GB WhatsApp without worrying about getting banned by WhatsApp officials. Here is the comparison between GB WhatsApp and main WhatsApp.

Comparing ObjectGB whatsappWhatsapp
Hide online statusYesNo
Auto reply featureAvailable for both private and business accountSupport for only business account
Double account in one deviceYesNo
DND modeYesNo
Hide blue tickYesNo
Upload large video and audio filesYesNo
Create and use customized themeYesNo
Send photos90 images at once30 images at once
Backup chatsYesYes
Airplane ModeYesNo
Status character lengthMaximum 255Max 139

Simple WhatsApp APK Vs WhatsApp Plus APK

However, there are many similarities between normal WhatsApp and APK WhatsApp. But there are some differences in their features which are given below

  • Simple WhatsApp is powered by Facebook but WhatsApp APK is run by a third-party developer. As a result, more development is done.
  • A simple option is available in the Play Store and a separate website is used to download the APK.
  • The APK has a greater chance of keeping one’s information confidential, but normal WhatsApp can lead to leaks accidentally.
  • This WhatsApp carries more photo resolution but normal WhatsApp has less resolution.
  • Simple WhatsApp is relatively easy to download compared to this Whites app.
  • WhatsApp APK is only available in the Android version but It’s not shown in a normal WhatsApp.

How to Use GBWhatsapp APK?

GB WhatsApp APK is similar to the original WhatsApp application. The function is all the same but GBWhatsApp includes more features than the official version.
If you’re a regular WhatsApp user, you’ll find GB WhatsApp to be quite simple to use. The GBWA allows you to send broadcast messages to up to 600 contacts at once. You can also take advantage of the additional features it offers. There are no complexities, just install the GB WhatsApp and start using it to communicate with friends and families.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions you may ask about GB WhatsApp.

Yes, you can use both GB WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp on the same device.

Anti revoke feature is one of the exciting features of GB WhatsApp that prevents someone from deleting the message they send you. Even if they use the ‘delete for everyone option, the message still stays on there when deleted for them.

Yes, it is. Because it has a built-in lock option, you can keep your personal messages safe and secure from others.


From the above discussion, if you want to make your WhatsApp more comfortable and versatile to use, then there is nothing but GB WhatsApp that can help you in this regard. Its feature-rich functionality will make you fall in love with it for sure.