FMWhatsapp APK Download v18.3 Latest Update Jan 2022

Do you think Whatsapp is essential for regular use? Yes, it is but wouldn’t it be better if you get a lot more benefits from it? But how is it possible? Just downloaded FM WhatsApp pro. But do you know the FM Whatsapp Apk Download process?

Well, in this content you will learn the download process of the FM WhatsApp apk. But first, learn a bit more about it.

What exactly is FMWhatsApp APK?

In the age of modernization, the area of communication or means of communication is expanding day by day. People are discovering different application software such as WhatsApp to prevent communication disconnection from one to the other. There is also a new FMWhatsApp APK that, like the usual Whatsapp, has a variety of new features. It is a 52.02 MB app that is under daily development and brings one latest version after another regularly.

Why should you use FMWhatsApp APK?

Before learning the FM WhatsApp Apk download let’s get some reasons why you should use it.

First of all, everyone wants to take the best opportunity. Although WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp are almost identical, FM Whatsapp offers much more modernized features than normal WhatsApp. It always remains under Underdevelopment and also ensures security. As a user-friendly app, it is far ahead. So this app should be used to capture the best version and interesting features and to connect yourself with the modernization in the world of communication.

Key Features of FM WhatsApp Apk

Here get a look at the key features of FMWhatsApp

Call filter

Many times we have to face disturbances by calling from unknown numbers. Problems sometimes occur or are caused by privacy. FM WhatsApp has a feature called Call Blocker which can be applied on such unwanted number blocklists.

Media Sharing

FM WhatsApp can share larger files than the normal WhatsApp.

Emoji variants

Here are some very interesting new emoji features. And these emojis are not available on normal WhatsApp.

Theme storage

Iconic and many cool themes are available on this FM WhatsApp. With this theme, you can change the look of your WhatsApp with color changes, icon bar changes.

App Launcher

If you are bored with the normal look of WhatsApp, you can launch various apps through FM WhatsApp which can change the notification icons and common features. There are also different types of fonts and language features available.

Image Resolution

Image resolution is much higher than that of normal WhatsApp for regular development with third parties. As a result, it is very useful for sharing important files or pictures.

Anti-Delete Message

Who can delete your message can be determined through this APK. As a result, no one will be able to delete any important information.

Color and customization

With this WhatsApp, you can change the background color, icon, color of the theme and customize the chat skin, navigation bar, etc.

How to download and Install FM WhatsApp Apk?

In this segment, you’re about to learn how to download and install FMWhatsApp.

1. Downloading Process

Step 1: Since it is run by a third-party developer, it is not available in the Play Store. It needs to be downloaded and you can download it from our site. Here we have added the download button.

Step 2: After clicking on the icon, you have to agree on the security purpose (If requires permission to download) Then the download will start.

2. Installation Process

After downloading, you need to install the app. It should be installed in the following manner.

Step 1: After downloading, you need to delete the old or normal WhatsApp.

Step 2: Before installing, you must check if the unknown source is on.

Enable Unknown Sources

Step 3: After that press, the installation button the WhatsApp Will be installed. Then you have to enter with OTP and phone number to activate it.

It is FM Whatsapp 6.90 Apk download process. After following these steps, you have to agree on its terms and conditions. Then you can enjoy your new FM Whatsapp Apk Download.

FM Whatsapp Apk Download Latest Version New Features

  • It has been updated with more security and privacy than ever before.
  • Innovation has been brought in background color, various icon bars, fonts, themes.
  • Images can be sent at higher resolutions than before and their security has been increased.
  • It is user-friendly for adding features of anti-delete message, call security, and block items.
  • It is similar to normal WhatsApp but modification provides various hide features, calling deactivated facilities.

Security and privacy of Fm Whatsapp

  1. It provides security through regular customization and the use of privacy features.
  2. Video Audio Call Hide features and blue ticks, hide ticks are used for security.
  3. If you want to chat or call through this APK, you can keep it deactivated.
  4. There is an opportunity to exchange information by confirmation code.
  5. There is a separate app lock system and there is a password system as well.
  6. There is a chat secured option by adding a pin to the chat.

FM WhatsApp latest version 7.60 Apk Download

In this world of communication, people want to take the maximum opportunity where they will have more opportunities. WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular apps in the world. But suppose a modified and more convenient app is available, then why not? Yes, FM WhatsApp 7. 60 Apk version offers more modifications and benefits than normal WhatsApp.

It also offers features like image resolution, emoji storage, various unique icons, my connectivity options, etc. that are not available in ordinary whats app. So downloading this FM WhatsApp will definitely give you more benefits through the latest version which will surprise you a lot.

How to Install FMWhatsApp safely without losing chats?

If you want to get back to the FM WhatsApp with the old chat, you can just follow a few ways. Let’s check out the steps

Step 1: First you must download FM WhatsApp and first normal WhatsApp cannot be deleted.

Step 2: For Security Ensure you must turn on Unknown Sources and then click the Install button.

Step 3: Now to get the old messages back on FM WhatsApp, you need to log in to normal WhatsApp.

Step 4: Enter WhatsApp and turn off the net connection.

Step 5: Then you need to go to settings and click on the backup option As a result, all your media messages will be backed up.

Step 6: After launching the backup option, FM will be activated by entering the number in WhatsApp and submitting the verification code.

Step 7: After submitting the verification, you will get all your old chat media after turning on the restore option.

Then enjoy your FM Whatsapp with the new experience.

Pros and Cons of FM WhatsApp Download APK

I have already shown the FM WhatsApp latest version 7.60 apk download process. Now it’s time to learn the pros and cons.


• WhatsApp app is developing every day. This ensures maximum security
• The latest version is 14.09 which is updated daily by third-party developers.
• Can transfer much more data than normal WhatsApp.
• It has some of the latest features that make the app even more attractive.
• As a result of the variety of appliances it helps to bring special features to some icons.
• About 30 images are shared with great resolution.
• Normal WhatsApp can share 16 MB size but APK can share around 700 MB.
• Almost 500 people can join in a group through this app.


• It is not available in the Play Store, it has to be downloaded from a separate website.
• Privacy keys must be used as They remain under a third-party developer.
• At the same time normal and APK WhatsApp cannot be used.

FAQ Fm Whatsapp app

Is FM WhatsApp secure?

Ans: Yes, it is a secure app but some experts don’t suggest using it as it is developed by third-party developers.

Is FM Whatsapp and GB WhatsApp the same?

Ans: Most of their features are the same but the GB WhatsApp provides some extra benefits while sharing videos and other files. GB WhatsApp allows you to share bigger files.

Can my account get banned using FM WhatsApp?

Ans: Generally, there is no risk. But trying different options in the wrong way can ban your account.

Is FM WhatsApp 2020 safe for my Android?

Ans: Well, you won’t find it on PlayStore and you have to allow the unknown source installation system to get it. Generally, there is no major issue reported about it but still, some developers call it harmful for Android.

Are video calls in FM WhatsApp safe?

Ans: Yes, they use encrypted video calls. So it is safe.

What can I do when FM WhatsApp is not working?

Ans: It can be for many reasons. When it happens go to the app settings and select FM WhatsApp and then clear cache and restart the app.

Which WhatsApp is the best?

Ans: There are different mod APK for WhatsApp. Among them, GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus APK are the best

FMWhatsApp end-to-end encryption?

Ans: Yes, FM WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption and every call is safe with it.

Final Verdict

So, we’re in the end now you know how to download the FM WhatsApp apk. FM WhatsApp apk download process is super easy and it’s easier when you download it from our site. We have already added the download button for our users. Now it’s your turn to follow the steps and get it on your device.

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