Filmora 9 Free Download For PC Windows 8, 10, 11 Wondershare

With the blessing of social platforms, content-sharing apps, and sites, video editing software has become a permanent resident of everyone’s smartphone or computer. If you are even a little bit familiar with video editing, then it is quite impossible to skip the name ‘Filmora’. But the matter of sorrow is that many of us still don’t know how to Filmora 9 free download for PC.

Filmora is a popular and widely used video editing application developed by ‘Wondershare’. Filmora 9, which is the recent stable version of the application is smoother, user-friendly, and featureful and one of the best video editing software for your PC.

But you can never feel the true power of Filmora 9 For PC unless you try it yourself! Here, I will explain the steps on the topic How to download Filmora 9 for Windows.

Features of Filmora9 For PC

For choosing a particular software, the major thing to consider is its features. Filmora 9 offers some unique, cool user-friendly features that make video editing sessions easier and enjoyable. Some of them are-

User-Friendly Workplace

Though Filmora 9 has tons of features in it, the developers kept the workplace very neat and user-friendly.

More File Format Supports

This video editing software is capable of editing videos of almost all popular and commonly-used video file formats.

Motion Tracking

Filmora 9 offers a very accurate motion tracking feature that makes editing much easier.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Edit your videos much faster with the help of customizable shortcut keys.

Color Matching

Filmora 9 has a very impressive level of color matching process that makes color correction much hassle-free.

Lots of In-Build Effects

The in-build effects, transition, and blending animations will surely give your video a cinematic look!

How to Install Filmora 9 Free Download For PC?

At this spot, I am going to discuss the topic “How to download and Install Filmora9 on Windows?”

Step 1: Click the Download Button

Filmora is a very popular software and you will get tons of sources to download it. But most of them will redirect you and some of them can be trash or junk. No worries about it, just click on the download button given below and the download will start in no time.

Step 2: Set the Address Directions

If your device already has a default download address then the download will start otherwise it won’t. You will get a pop-up notification where you will be asked for the folder where the file will be downloaded.

I suggest selecting the download file and click OK. Again the device may ask for permission then click save.

Step 3: Go to the Download Folder

Filmora is a big software so it may take a certain period to get downloaded. When the download is complete go to the folder where you selected to download. You will see the file in .exe format. Just open it.

Step 4: Installation Process

The Filmora 9 already exists on your computer but you have to install it. As soon as you open it you have to go through some procedures.

The software will request access and ask you to select language and installation location. Select them properly and lastly, you have to click allow to their term and conditions. Now click the Install button and wait till the installation is complete.

It may take over few minutes to complete the whole installation. When the installation is complete click Finish and you may see a desktop icon. If there is not any shortcut on the desktop then search in the start button. Now launch Filmora 9 and start editing like a pro.


Requirements for Filmora 9 Download

Before downloading Filmora 9, have a look at the requirements for this software.

  • Processor: AMD or Intel 2Ghz or above
  • Memory: 8GB +
  • Display: 1366 x 768
  • Graphics Card: Required (Updated)

Step By Step Guide To Edit Video In Filmora 9 For PC

Here is a simple stepwise guideline to edit videos on Filmora 9.

Step 1: The first task is to import the files that you want to edit and fix the ratio of the creating video.

Step 2: Adjust the colors of your video by selecting the expected mood. It may take some time to be a pro in it.

Step 3: Most of the video editing sessions cannot be completed without trimming. Follow the reel-time to trim your videos much accurately.

Step 4: Do all the cropping in this step. Then you apply pan zoom for enriching the visual context.

Step 5: Make sure that the audio times are perfect with the video. You may also need to edit audios and adjust volumes.

Step 6: The friendly environment of Filmora 9 helps you overcome the difficulty of choosing the rightmost transitions for the clips.

Step 7: Finally, apply all the required themes and text effects to your video and make it more interesting to the audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to user experience, the shortcut has more options but you will love using filmora. It is simple and smooth.

You can get a lifetime subscription, yearly subscription, quarter, and monthly plan. Lifetime subscription costs $59.99 and the yearly costs $39.99, quarter costs $15.99 and monthly costs $7.99

Undoubtedly, Filmora 9 is an excellent video editor. You can edit any type of video having lots of editing options

Final Verdict

Filmora PC is one of the simplest yet powerful video editing software that you can find. With one of the best user-friendly interfaces, you can effortlessly export top-quality videos anytime, anywhere. Filmora 9 for PC offer almost all the features that you may wish for while editing your videos. As I have discussed all the steps to download Filmora 9, you can easily download Filmora 9 for pc. So, try it yourself and feel the power!

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