Discord For PC – How to Use Discord For Windows PC (2021)

Discord For PC is one of the most reliable and secured voice, video, and text chatting app. With two hundred million-plus users, it is a wide-popular medium of communication with friends and families. Discord is the first choice of gamers as a source of communication among players while playing a stunning game.

Though discord is available for all popular operating systems, Discord for Windows is the most used one. People download Discord on their PC or Mac for its amusing features, secure data encryption system, and a decent interface. Get the proper knowledge on how to download and install Discord PC and Mac to have a better Discord using experience!

What Is Discord for Pc?

Discord for PC is nothing but a powerful and elegant version of the Discord app that is made particularly for Windows and Mac-operated devices. Its layout is super user-friendly and very effortless to operate with a mouse and keyboard. It has all features and services of Discord just like any other version. It also includes several additional features which are only available for Discord PC. On top of that, Discord for PC download and install process is much easier and hassle-free.

Why Use Discord On Windows PC?

There are several reasons for using Discord on Windows PC. This mostly varies on the work, lifestyle, taste of a user. But a core of Discord becoming so popular on PC and Mac is the user-friendly interface that makes it easier to operate by anyone. Businesspersons mostly feel comfortable with Discord because of its end-to-end encrypted communication technology that keeps private meetings more secure. Gamers in particular are a huge fans of Discord on Windows PC or MAC. They generally get attracted to it for its fast and clear VoIP service and great servers.

Features of  Discord for windows

There are lots of features available in this software and I am briefly showing some of the key features of Discord for Computer.

Screen Sharing

Discord PC allows you to share your PC or Mac screen in a group or with individual persons. This also can be used for making a group plan before the game or any event.

Quality Group Chats

Group chats are available in almost all types of all apps. But there are barely a few that can come even close to Discord by its quality.

Made for Gamers

Its game-related features, faster VoIP services, and easy-to-reach server connection make it a perfect chatting medium for gamers. You will also find many other gaming communities of your taste.

Best Security

Discord provides auto end-to-end encryption technology on communication data. Making it one of the most secure and safe communication apps.

Split Audio System

It had a split audio system so you can play anything on your PC or Mac while you are already in a live voice or video chat. They won’t hear any secondary sounds from your device.

User-Friendly Interface

It has shortcut keys on the keyboard of almost all functions to make it easy for operating.

How to Download and Install Discord on PC Your Computer?

Installing discord on windows won’t be a hassle even you may feel it is easier than a normal application. In this segment, I have come up with something to help you in learning the process of how to download and Install discord for PC.

Step 1: Discord is quite popular and you’ll find it available on different sites. However, all of them are not always safe. So, for the sake of my viewers, I have added the safest link from their official site. After getting to the link you’ll click  https://discord.com/

Step 2: Simply click on the link and hopefully it will start the download if there is not any additional security added to your browser. If there is additional security then you will be asked for some permission.

discord for windows how to download

Step 3: At this step, you will be asked for a folder to select in which the file will be downloaded. Just select a folder or keep it as default to the download folder

Now another notification will appear asking for permission to download. Click save and the download will start.

NB: this one is not for you if your browser doesn’t need to require permission.

Step 4: At this step, you will have to install the .exe folder. Very simple, just double-click the downloaded file and it’ll start installing. Most of the time it doesn’t bother taking permission to install. If it does then click yes.

download and install discord for pc

Step 5: At this step, you have to do nothing but watch. You may notice discord will check for some updates and download them if some are available. After downloading the updates it will be installed automatically.

how to download install discord for pc

Step 6: As soon as the download is over discord will automatically open and ask for login. If you already have an ID, then write down the Email and Password and log in. If you don’t have an account and click create an account and complete all boxes and log in again.

discord for pc login

Step 7: Congratulations now you are able to use Discord on your Computer.

discord for pc interface


How to Download and Install Discord for Mac?

Downloading and installing discord for macOS is a bit lengthier than Window. No worries, I am going to discuss the part now.

Step 1: We kept the download link for discord Mac. Just click on the Link Here and select discord for macOS.

Step 2: When the download is over, you will get a notification at the top of your browser. Just double click the discord file there and you will see discord is opening. You can also open it from the download folder.

download discord for mac

Step 3: Discord will open in a block and inside it, you will see the discord app on the left side and Application on the right side. Just drag the discord icon into the application.

how to install discord for mac

Step 4: In the applications, find discord and open it.

installing discord for mac

Step 5: Your system will ask if you want to open it or not. Click open.

Step 6: Just like the previous process login to discord or set up an account and continue to discord.

discord for mac login

Step 7: Congratulations now you are able to use Discord on your Mac.

discor for mac interface

What Makes Discord Better Than Other VoIP Services (Like Skype)?

Discord for PC is the best in many sections compared to other VoIP messaging services. Unlike other similar-type apps, it gives you the fastest communication experiences, in-browser running capability, and individual person mute options. There are many other such features that are incredible enough to motivate you to use Discord over any other VoIP apps.

How to Add Bots to Discord For PC?

Discord App has many free & paid bots which provide some extraordinary features. You are allowed to add new bots to a server only if you are an admin. But you are welcome to add as many as you want in your personal rooms.

For adding Discord bots, log in to your Discord account first and allow the “Manage Server” permissions. Now, click on the ‘Add the bot to Server’ tab on the bot website. Then select the server from the drop-down menu and click on the ‘Authorize’ button on the next screen. That’s it! the bot is now get added to your server.

How to Delete Your Discord For PC Account?

Though not many people want to destroy their Discord account. But if you somehow really need to delete your Discord account, then here is the way.

First, log in to the Discord account. Now, open ‘User Settings’ and click on the “My Account“. Click on the “Edit” button afterward. Now you will find the “Delete Account” option at the very bottom. Press there to permanently delete your Discord account.

delete discord account option

Frequently Asked Question?

1. What Is Discord Nitro?

Answer: Discord Nitro is the premium subscription for Discord. It unlocks many other additional features and services of Discord like global access to customizable Discord emojis, animation avatars, custom Discord number tag, server boosting, and so on. Discord Nitro is available in two packages, Discord Nitro and Nitro classic.

2. Can you get discord on PC?

Answer: Yes, discord is available in all computer operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. So surely you can get the software on PC.

3. Is discord-free software?

Answer: Yes, fortunately, it is free software. You don’t need to pay any dollar to operate it.

4. Is discord safe from hackers?

Answer: Yes, discord is safe from hackers but you are not safe. Any can fool you and get your information via different links and coder. So, din visit any suspicious links.

5. Can window 7 download discord?

Answer: Yes, it’s available in window 7, 8, 10, macOS, and others

Final Word

whether you are a casual person, a business person or a gamer, Discord for PC got all the facilities and features that you may need while communicating with others online. It effortlessly lets you communicate directly via voice, video, or text, and join servers where larger communities can interact. By using discord on Mac or Windows, you will become a fan of the easy operation of Discord with the shortcut keys.

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