BiP Web For PC Use BiP Web on your Windows and Mac PC 2022

BiP Web The majority of the people in the world can’t think of a single day without using a messaging app. This type of apps is very much helpful in almost every aspect of regular life. Nowadays, BiP is a very popular and reliable name in this category. This turkey-originate messaging app is getting large popularity these days and it increasing rapidly. This because BiP offers very safe, simple, and organized messaging and VoIP calls experiences along with lots of amusing and cool features.

Since BiP Web is a relatively newer application in this field, you might face some issues and difficulties at the very first. Well, don’t worry at all! Because in this article we will discuss how to use BiP for the web. So, after reading this article completely you will have a very clear, detailed, and solid knowledge of how to use BiP.

BiP Web and BiP Messenger

The journey of BiP started as smartphone apps but for its vast popularity, it is also now available for computer or Laptop users through BiP Web.

BiP messenger makes a BiP profile against your contact number and the whole app works based on it. It uses the device’s contacts to find other BiP users and chat or call them. However, the BiP Webworks in a slightly different way since it can’t have a direct connection with any sim. BiP Web actually depends on the smartphone that holds the BiP-registered contacts number and then allows to use BiP through the web.

Features of BiP Web For PC

BiP has its huge popularity mainly because of its unique and incredible features. These are some of the key features offered in BiP.

Archive Chat

BiP lets you archive or hides sensitive or classified individual or group chats.

Money Transfer

Sending money with BiP is as simple as chatting on BiP. A secure and fast way of transferring money.

HD Video Calls or Group Calls

BiP offers high-quality voice and video calls without any cost! You can also group call with your friends or others up to 10 persons.

Secret Messaging

This allows you to chat in a secret mode that disappears within a time limit or as you close the chat. These chats are also transferred between you and the other person with high encrypted form.

Multilingual Messaging

Instant chat with your foreign friends with BiP using the multilingual translation feature.

BiP Discover

BiP’s Discover section connects you with the world of entertainment, sports, news & lifestyle channels

How to Use BiP Web On Your Laptop / Computer?

Since there is no official BiP application for a Laptop or PC you may think using BiP on the Laptop is difficult. But it is the opposite in reality. Follow these simple steps to use BiP on Laptop

Step 1: Go to any browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox is recommended) on your desktop or laptop, go to the

bip web scan mobile phone

Step 2: Now open BiP on your smartphone and tap on the “More” button (tree line icon). Look for “BiP Web” and click on it. A scanning portal through your smartphone’s camera will open.

bip web web version

Step 5: Now scan the QR code on the webpage and that’s it! You can now see a BiP interface on the webpage and use BiP from there.

bip web for windows interface

How to Download and Instaling BiP For Windows?

You have already learned how to use BiP for the web but before that, you have to make sure that you know how to download BiP on your PC. If you don’t know the process then follow the steps.

Step 1: You can download BiP from their official website. Visit their site and click the download button with the windows icon. If you don’t want to leave the page then you can download it from our site. Here the download button is given below. Click the button to download BiP for Windows 10.

bip web download for windows

Step 2: Soon you will get a notification asking the location on where BiP will be downloaded. If it doesn’t show up then it will be downloaded to the Download folder. Then you may get another pop-up notification. If it comes then click save.

Step 3: If BiP gets downloaded as a zip file, then unzip it first and then open the .exe file.

Step 4: Now they will ask for different options such as Language, installation folder, etc. Set them all and finally agree to their terms & conditions and click Install. Soon, BiP will be installed on your device. When it is done click finish and open BiP.

Now open your smartphone, use a QR code to set BiP Id on your PC, and enjoy BiP

bip web for windows interface

How to Download and Install BiP on MacOS?

Now it’s time to learn about how to download BIP for macOS. Fortunately, you’ll find it on the official website of BIP. Here I am discussing the downloading process.

Step 1: Visit BIP Web For Mac

First, you have to go to There you’ll see download options for Mac, windows, android, and iOS. Here click the macOS icon and soon the download will start.

bip web for mac download and install

Step 2: Open the .dmg File

Now go to the download button and open the .dmg file. You will be asked to allow and write your password. Do it as you have asked and the installation will start.

Step 3: Drag & Drop

When the installation is done you will see another window with BIP and application folder. Just drag the BIP icon and drop it to the application folder in the same window.

bip web drag and drop to application

Step 4: Launch BIP

Within a few seconds, it will be moved to the application folder. Just open the application folder and click BIP to launch it.

bip web for mac install done adn luanch

Now BIP is in your Mac. Set your account and enjoy BIP.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is BiP free?

Answer: Yes, BiP is a free app and there are no additional charges. You can use it on Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhone.

2. Can I use BiP without WiFi?

Answer: Messenging from BiP to BiP is free but it requires either WiFi or Mobile data. So, you can use it without having any data.

3. Is BiP a Turkish app?

Answer: Yes, BiP is a Turkish app developed by the famous Turkish mobile Giant Turkcell. BiP gained over 1.12 M users within 24 hours of launching.

3. Is the BiP app safe?

Answer: Yes, BiP is safe and encrypted. Also, you can backup your chat messages by turning on the backup set.

4. How safe is the BiP app?

Answer: In BiP, messages are transported securely between transmitting devices and servers using the TLS encryption method approved by international standards. No third party can intercept and access or read your messages. BiP does not store your messages.

5. Is BiP like WhatsApp?

Answer: Unlike WhatsApp, if you have two numbers, you can make and send messages on the same device with BiP. BiP allows the messages of users to disappear from the chat screen within the time period you determine. Users’ messages on BiP are encrypted if their backup feature is turned on

6. How to Download Using Android Emulator?

  1. Answer:  Download and install an emulator. If you don’t know how to install then follow the link given on Memu Play or Nox App Player.
  2. Set your Google ID and open it.
  3. Search for BiP on the search console.
  4. When the BiP icon appears, Install it.
  5. When it is Install open it and verify your id on your PC.
  6. Now set up the ID and enjoy BiP

Final Words

Pretty much every fact about BiP is described in this article though the main topic is How to use BiP for the web. I have also discussed the download methods. Hopefully, you will face no more problems in using BiP after reading this article. To learn more about alternative apps such as Whatsapp, Skype, stay with us.

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