Top 5 Best Android Emulator For PC In Windows and Mac 2022

Best Android Emulator For PC is a widely used simulation software for Windows and macOS. The software can bring the android surface to your PC and let you run almost all types of android software on your PC. As the software became highly popular so, many software providers came forward to produce the best android emulator.

In one sense it is great but in another sense, it brought some negative impact in the emulator world. It is because some of the emulators are full of bugs and junk and people use them without knowing the after impact.

No worries, if you are thinking of getting the wrong emulator. In this article, I am going to reveal the top 5 android emulator in 2021.

But before that, I am going to discuss an additional part, what is an android emulator. So stay tuned to learn in detail

What Is An Android Emulator?

An android emulator is a software application that virtual android devices (both software and hardware) on your PC and lets you test different applications and use it going out of an android device.

There are lots of advantages to using an emulator. For the apps which are not available in Windows/macOS, you can run them on your PC using the emulator.

List Of Top 5 Best Android Emulator For PC and Mac [2021]

So we are now at the main segment. Here I am going to travel the 2021 best emulators. I have researched for few weeks and individually downloaded a few emulators. Finally, I found 5 of them user-friendly as well as high performing. Here get the list of the 5 best emulators for windows and macOS.

  1. Bluestacks 5
  2. Nox App Player
  3. LD Player
  4. Android Studio
  5. MEmu Play

Now it’s time to explain more about the best emulator for pc. So, keep reading.

Top 5 Android Emulators For PC And MAC Comparison

Android EmulatorsPerformanceRatingOpen SourceSupported Platforms
BlueStacksHigh4.6/5YesAndroid, Microsoft Windows, and Apple MacOs.
Nox App PlayerMedium4.4/5YesAndroid and Microsoft Windows, MacOs.
LD PlayerHigh4.4/6YesAndroid and Microsoft Windows,
MEmu PlayerMedium4.4/5NoAndroid and Microsoft Windows.
Android StudioHigh4.5/5YesAndroid and Microsoft Windows, MacOs.

1. Bluestacks 5 Best Emulator For PC

Best Bluestacks Android Emulator

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BlueStack 5 is most probably the best android emulator available in the software industry. It is crafted by an American software company and it allows almost all the applications to run on your PC.

BlueStack is completely free to use (But includes some premium purchases) and all you need is just your Google account. If you want to know how to install it on your PC then just click the given link.

Features of BlueStack 5

  1. Built-in App Store: In the BlueStack you will get the Playstore built-in with the software. Just log in with your email and enter the Playstore.
  2. Install other applications: BlueStack also lets you install third-party apps that aren’t available in-app store.
  3. BlueStack Point: BlueStack includes some premium purchases and you can purchase them using point. Fortunately, they allow you to share points with others.
  4. Easy Interface: Everyoneoves the user-friendly interface of BlueStack.

Why use BlueStack 5?

• First of all, they are free.

• They are one of the most used android emulators having no major issue.

• Finally, they are easy to use.


  • Doesn’t require high-profile PC configuration.
  • Support both Windows and Android.
  • One-click Install and open system.


  • BlueStack isn’t compatible with the current android version.

2. Nox App Player Best Emulator For PC

Best Nox App Player Android Emulator

[irp posts=”516″ name=”Nox Player For PC – How to Download and Install Windows & Mac”]

Another highly popular android emulator is Nox App Player. Nox App Player is mainly popular for containing some extra features. Though the size of the software is slightly larger than other software it allows you to enjoy it more.

Features of  Nox App Player

  1. Different mode support: Gladly informing you that Nox App Player supports both landscape and portrait mode. That means you can also use the full screen while using it
  2. Easy to use: Just like BlueStack, Nox App Player is also extremely easy to use.
  3. Android 7.1: Nox App Player user the android 7.1 version. Though it is a little backdated still android 7.1 is highly popular among users.
  4. Macro recorder: There is also a built-in macro recorder available in the app. So, recording is easy with this emulator.

Why use Nox App Player?

• As they are highly functional, you will love to use them.

• Nox App Player comes with a user-friendly surface

• The built-in recorder lets you record anything instantly while using the app.


  • Nox App Player lets you remap the keyboard keys.
  • The software is completely free.


  • Overall size is competitively higher than usual.

3. LD Player Emulator For PC

Best LD Player Android Emulator

[irp posts=”1511″ name=”LD Player For PC । Fast Android Emulator For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac”]

LD player, the name might seem new to you but honestly, this is one of the best android emulators at present. The emulator is free and safe for windows and macOS.

Features of LD Player

  1. Pre-installed Playstore: The first thing I love is the Pre-installed Playstore which allows installing applications just with a single click. You just need to enter your Google account and log in. After that, you’ll find the Playstore on the home page
  2. Regular update: Unlike the other emulators LD player comes with regular updates every month. That means you will no more face the bug or junk issue
  3. Easy to operate: Another great thing is the easy-to-operate surface. You don’t need to learn something new or advanced to use this software.
  4. Support outside the app: Just like the BlueStack it also supports all types of third-party apps.

Why use an LD player?

• LD player requires no fee or purchase.

• It takes very light space. Plus you did need high- configuration pc to use it.

• Well orientated software.


  • Gladly informing you it is compatible with the GPS location simulator.
  • Regular updates available.
  • Easy to install.


  • The software installs with unnecessary adware.

5. MEmu Best Emulator For PC

Best Memu Emulator

[irp posts=”1502″ name=”MEmu Play For PC – Top Best Android Emulator For Windows [2021″]

Last but not least on our list – MEmu android emulator. Comparing with other android emulators this one is nothing less. In MEmu you will enjoy some additional advantages.

Features of MEmu

  1. One-click installation: Everyone lives the overall surface with a built-in Playstore on the MEmu homepage. There you just have to search for any application and make a single click to install it. It’s no hassle.
    Supports both Intel and AMD: MEmu emulator is designed for both AMD and Intel. So, you have no worries about which OS you are using.
  2. Clone Application: Another unique feature of MEmu is it allows the creation of clone applications with just a single click.

Why use MEmu?

• If you are a beginner to software then MEmu is the perfect operating system for you
• If you don’t want to pay the monthly bill for your emulator then switch to MEmu as it is 100% free.


  • MEmu allows file sharing between Android and Windows.
  • MEmu ensures high-quality graphics.
  • Flexible and smooth.


  • Won’t allow you to code anything.

4. Android Studio Best Emulator For PC

Best Android Studio Emulator

Pretty much all you are familiar with is Android Studio. Android Studio is a customizable android emulator. Those who are professional and have good knowledge of software generally use Android Studio as an emulator.

Features of Android Studio

  1. Testing tool: While most of the emulators only ensure good use of the application, Android Studio is a UI Framework tester for an app.
  2. Easy coding: Android studio also includes some easy coding template that allows you to develop codings of any open-source application.
  3. All in one operating system: You get almost all of both software and hardware functions in Android Studio.

Why Use Android Studio?

• The professional gets extra benefits from using Android Studio.

• Highly customizable software.


  • Lots of functions available.
  • It is free.
  • Compatible with the latest Android version.


  • No built-in Playstore.
  • Doesn’t come with a user-friendly interface.

People also ask (FAQs)?

1. Which Emulator is the best?

Answer: So far people the BlueStack the most. As BlueStack is one of the oldest android emulators and having some must-have features, it is the people’s favorite. But thinking about the programmers, Android Studio is the best option.

2. Which is the fastest emulator?

Answer: I guess it is LD player or MEmu as they are one of the lightest emulators with some built-in features only. Plus, their latest updates make them smoother as well as faster in fixing the bugs.

3. Are emulators illegal?

Answer: No, android emulators are legal and they are all licensed to sell or offer their software. But sharing illegal ROM through emulators is illegal.

4. Is Nox better or BlueStack?

Answer: It’s a very common question. according to the benchmark test, Nox App Player scored 121410 where BlueStack scored 165000. So, undoubtedly BlueStack is better than Nox App Player.

5. Are emulators dangerous?

Answer: No, almost all the emulators are safe and secure. But sometimes people download the emulators from some wicked link as a result some viruses appear with the emulator. So, always be sincere while downloading anything from an unknown source.

Final Word

In this article, I have described the Top 5 best android emulators for windows 10, 8, 7, and others. Throughout the article, I reviewed the top 5 android emulators with complete features, pros, cons, and the benefits of using them.

If you are looking for the all-time best then I would recommend the BlueStack. But if you prioritize flexibility and smoothness then MEmu will be the ideal choice for you.

I think now you know what is the best android emulator in 2021. Stay with us for more related content.

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